"The mediator helped us both to understand things"

Advantages of Mediation

Separation and divorce present families with a difficult dilemma, demanding that complex and important issues be discussed at a time when the two partners may well be experiencing very strong and potentially destructive feelings.  Finding an appropriate setting in which these issues can be discussed without anger, judgement or recrimination can make a tremendous difference, and it is here that family mediation seeks to help.

Unlike contested court proceedings, which can aggravate hostility and incur very high financial and emotional costs, the mediation process is designed to reduce conflict and to help you focus on the practical issues that each of you needs to resolve. Guided by an impartial mediator, it doesn’t attribute blame, take sides or try to force a reconciliation; it simply provides a way for you to communicate more effectively, address your problems and, ultimately, move forward with your lives.

In short, mediation offers the following benefits:

  • Less conflict, anxiety and stress
  • An easier transition for children and other family members
  • Speedier resolution of issues
  • Better decision making by both partners
  • Significant cost savings (up to 75% less than using the legal process)
  • Improved communication and co-operation
  • Full control over the outcome

Over 90% of our clients tell us that the process has been very helpful to them and that they would recommend it to friends